Aramada Township


Armada Township is a rural, agricultural community located on Macomb County's northern border with St. Clair County. It sits between Bruce Township and Richmond Township with 32 Mile road as its southern border.

Originally organized in 1832, the Township developed as an agricultural area. Today, it embodies a delightful rural character with a mixture of small farms and residential areas, including the Village of Armada. The area is noted for its prominent apple orchards nestled among small hills and the winding turns of Coon Creek which flows through the area.


Armada Township Senior Center Open


Beginning Monday May 10th we will start having activities at the Senior Center with limit of 25 or less, temperature and contact information required.  Any questions contact Donna Pietz 586-784-8050 at the Senior Center.

Due to Covid 19 the Township Offices are open by appointment ONLY


To make an appointment please call 586-784-5200, leave a message for the appropriate department Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. When scheduling inspections with the Building Department leave a message with permit #, inspection type, address and contact name and phone #.

EMS Vaccine Standby


Daily the EMS is administering an average of four hundred COVID-19 vaccines, which are pre scheduled by the County Health Department. At the conclusion of each day the EMS frequently has 20 to 30 available  vaccines (due to persons who fail to show up for appointments).

In order to utilize theses vaccines the EMS calls individuals from a standby list, made up of persons who wish to be vaccinated but have been unable to schedule an appointment with the County. If you are interested in being placed on this list or if you know someone who wishes to be vaccinated. Please e-mail  with the following information:

1. Name

2. Cell phone number 

Please note the following standby list conditions:

3. On a day to day basis the EMS does not know which of the approved COVID vaccines we will receive from the health department, therefore you cannot request a specific vaccine. During the current CDC-FDA pause in the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, we will not be administering this product. Once the pause is lifted by the FDA, the health department may again begin providing us this vaccine for distribution.

4. We are currently unable to vaccinate anyone under 18 years old at the EMS drive thru site.

5. You cannot request an appointment day or time. This opportunity is for our standby list only. This means you will be called between 10 am and 3 pm on days when additional  vaccine is available, you then must be able to arrive at the EMS at the time we specify. No vaccines are provided at the EMS after 3:45 PM each day.

Finally, the  EMS will not accept or return any phone calls regarding this program. Please do not call our office with questions, inquires or to be placed on the standby  list. If you wish to be placed on our standby list please e-mail as described above.

Jeffery R. White, Chief of EMS

Richmond and Lenox Townships

34505 32 Mile Rd. Richmond MI 48062

Bus: (586) 727-2184 Cell: (586) 634-9060

Public information regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Drive Thru at the EMS


COVID-19 Drive Thru Vaccines age 65 and over only: SMART Bus is running a registration call center to sign up seniors in Macomb County to be placed on a WAITING LIST for vaccine appointments. This list provides initial information including contact info to the County, who will then notify seniors when appointments become available. This program also focuses on ensuring anyone who needs a ride to get to/from the vaccination site has one through SMART, free of charge. Only senior citizens 65 and older who are residents of Macomb County are elidable for vaccination at the Drive Thru site.

Vaccines are provided by appointment only, the vaccines are being provided at Richmond Lenox EMS Headquarters on 32 Mile Rd, again BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. The call in registration process will collect four pieces of information, which is provided to Macomb County for the wait list you will be ask to provide: First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Phone Number. You will then be contacted when an appointment is available, again please do not arrive at the EMS until you have been called with an appointment date and time. There are two ways to contact the Vaccine Registration System: By Phone at (586) 421-6579. Phone Center Hours: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM (M-F), 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Sat), 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Sun). Residents may also Email their request to: the System accepts emails 24/7, however an e-mail request does not confirm you have a vaccine appointment, again your appointment will be scheduled in a separate call from the Macomb County Health Department. Finally, the EMS has no COVID vaccine on site for walk-in's or persons arriving without an appointment, further the EMS is unable to make any appointments for vaccination, so please do not call our office regarding the Drive Thru. The vaccine waiting list hot line is: (586) 421-6579.


Covid-19 Preparedness in the Township Hall

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